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Huw denies he likes horses…

Going through some pictures, I stumbled across these taken of Huw in candid moments. If you ask him, he will always deny that he likes horses.

What he’ll never tell you, is that he is always the first one to give scratches and cuddles to the mares when he thinks you’re not looking, he’s always the one up through the night with the mares when they’re foaling and the first one to handle their new born foals. He also doesn’t tell you that he has a massive soft spot for Mickey, our daughter’s pony. Of all the mares, Queenie especially has a soft spot for Huw, because he looked after her when she was ill and she knows he usually has apples or pony cubes in his pocket.

Huw, of course, will always claim that he’s not giving he cuddles or treats and that any horse he’s seen giving affection to mugged him!