Doghill Farm Stud

Home of Doghill Quarter Horses


“Doghill Farm Stud”, which is also home to “Doghill Quarter Horses”, is owned and run by Huw and Helen Williams who between them, have over 55 years’ experience of caring for, competing and breeding horses. Situated in the Vale of Glamorgan, “Doghill Farm” dates from Norman times and is steeped in history. It is a multi-generational 250 acre working family farm that specialises in breeding quality American Quarter horses, as well as running a commercial sheep flock of around 200 lowland ewes.

The large, tranquil, naturally sheltered fields of Doghill are perfect for both horse mums and their babies to graze in peace and safety and for our older retired mares to spend their days in safe and happy tranquillity.

Mares visiting our stallion are kept in quiet, very carefully managed maternity herds of expectant mares and mums with foals. There are designated paddocks for safely keeping our own stallions well away from visiting mares, as well as individual turn-out paddocks for short-term visiting mares and foals should owners require them.

Passionate about their horses, Helen and Huw see all the horses living at Doghill as part of their extended family. Testimony to this, is the fact that they are still in contact with the majority of the horses they have bred and many of their owners have become good friends.

The stable yard and farm buildings are carefully managed by 3 very demanding feline farm managers, “Spider”, “Felix” and “Mabel” who claim to be “feral rescues” and also double as the rodent control officers in their spare time. If they’re not supervising the yard, they can be found lazing in the sun, arguing with each other over cat treats and “helping” Huw by getting in the way, sitting on the tractor, and asking for cuddles when he’s trying to work.

We love to talk about our horses and we welcome visitors, so if you want to breed your mare, are looking for your next horse or just want to know more about the Quarter Horse breed in general, please get in touch and we would be delighted to welcome you for a visit!