Doghill Farm Stud

Home of Doghill Quarter Horses

The Doghill American Quarter Horse stud, “Doghill Quarter Horses” was established by happy accident (or unhappy accident, depending on whether you’re talking to Helen or Huw!). The stud’s American Quarter Horse foundation mare “Acorn Flybynight” (Acorn) was bought in foal by Huw as a surprise gift for Helen. This was because he’d forgotten his wedding anniversary and he couldn’t find an appropriately bred Iberian broodmare to add to Helen’s Lusitano herd without going to Portugal.

From those very humble beginnings and one American Quarter Horse mare and foal, the stud has grown considerably and now as well as owning a significant number of well bred AQHA mares with proven competition provenance, it is also home to “Hobbits Rocky San”, a registered AQHA stallion who has both an exceptional reining pedigree and his own very distinguished competition career.

Through its forward thinking breeding programme which features both home grown and USA imported stock, Doghill stud is now known for consistently producing high quality, well bred, properly-started young horses, who have excellent conformation, the characteristic calm quarter horse temperament and the ability to do any job they are asked to do.

Huw has never forgotten his wedding anniversary since buying Acorn, as that one time he did forget has cost him far too much in on-going consequences!