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  • So what’s a “Dunalino”?
  • Posted on 3 August, 2019

    Simply put, a “Dunalino” is a Palomino who carries a dun gene. Except as these things always are, it’s a bit more complicated than that!

    The dun gene allele is a dominant one, so the phenotype of a horse with either one or two copies of the gene is dun. Because it is a dominant gene it will always show, so two non-dun parents cannot produce a dun foal (because they won’t have a dun gene). 

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  • Hay making is coming to an end!
  • Posted on 3 August, 2019

    Hay making is finally coming to an end after a frantic few weeks for Huw because he was taking advantage of the hot weather. One of the best things about making our own fodder, is that we know exactly what is in it (i.e. we know it is completely ragwort free) and we can use hay from different fields for different horses depending on their requirements – our hairy cobs don’t need the same rocket fuel over the winter that the broodmares do, for example.

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  • Good behaviour…
  • Posted on 2 August, 2019

    Here at Doghill we’re big fans of our horses behaving well for our farriers. It means that we know that our farriers will do a proper job on our horses’ feet without being pushed about, and it also means that our farriers look forward to visiting us because they know they won’t have to deal with bolshy, dangerous horses!  Win-win!

  • Elvis is heading off to pastures new.
  • Posted on 18 July, 2019

    So, Elvis is turning into a big boy and will be heading off to his new home with his mum, Polka. Polka will stay with him there for the summer and then come home to Doghill in the autumn when he’s weaned. We’ve made the decision to do it like this so that his new owner (who is very well known to us) can spend lots of time with him and enjoy him as a baby, as well as him being fully settled in his new home before having to make the next step of being weaned off his mum. Elvis is a very cheeky and forward foal and he’s now ready to do a bit more than just play in the field. We’ll keep you updated with his progress!