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In 2020 we were very lucky to be able to acquire a number of new American Quarter Horse mares to join our breeding herd. Their foals (by Hobbit) are due from March 2021 onwards.

These include imported mares “TK Ata Mayday”, “Gold n Shimmer DC” and “Leaguerly Zippin”. All have impeccable breeding lines and will compliment our breeding programme beautifully.

As soon as we’ve  taken some photos we’ll be updating this page! Watch this space!


Our Dual Registered AQHA /AQHA-UK Mares


“Acorn Flybynight” (Acorn) (15.1hh – Buckskin) 

“Acorn” has an old fashioned but distinguished reining pedigree which includes “Doc Bar”, “Docs Hickory”, “Peppy San Badger”, “Mr San Peppy” and “Poco Bueno”. As well as being a USA import, she also has the very special honour of being born on a plane whilst it was flying over the Atlantic!

Acorn is a gentle and kind mare with a phenomenally good temperament and she is personally responsible for Huw never forgetting his wedding anniversary! She is actually Huw’s favourite mare (although he denies it). If she was human, she’d be an earth mother. Her foals inherit her fabulous temperament, have phenomenal movement, are incredibly versatile and are exceptionally easy to train.

By “Sonitas Count” out of “Ms San Leo Rojo”

“Chipadee Reignlady” (Queenie) (15hh – Sorrel)

“Queenie” is a typical redhead and always has an opinion on something, but is genuinely kind, has a fabulous personality, loves cuddles and produces foals who are calm, sane and proper all-rounders. She’s very keen on her babies having manners – they learn respect for others and proper herd etiquette at a very young age! All of her foals are competing very successfully in various equestrian disciplines including Western, TREC, eventing, dressage and everything in-between. They can truly turn their hooves to anything they’re asked. Queenie has now been semi-retired from our stud programme and is used as a “nanny-mare” for young stock because she’s very kind, but is also very good at teaching and guiding youngsters in their behaviour.

By “Zero Skipkeo” out of “April Workman”.


“Freckles Fancy Jac” (Lola) (15.1hh – Red Dun)

“Lola” was imported from the USA as a youngster and was then very successfully competed at TREC by her previous owner until she was retired to be a broodmare. She produces amazing foals, who have successfully competed in all equestrian disciplines. Lola is our dominant “lead mare” and is very much in charge of the herd. She passes on her solid build and self-confidence to her foals, which are versatile, calm, sensible and easy to train.

As a foundation QH, she boasts horses like “Colonel Freckles” and “Hollywood Jac 86” in her pedigree and is also registered with the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association as 86% foundation QH. (She is therefore triple registered AQHA, AQHA-UK and NFQHA)

By “Freckle Doctor” out of “Breezys Fancy Jac”.


“Cruisins Topsicana” (Topsicana) (15hh – Sorrel)

“Topsicana” has a wonderful, old fashioned QH pedigree. AQHA-UK Yearling Futurity Champion in 1999, Topsicana had a successful showing and reining career as a youngster which was cut short following a serious shoulder injury. She is a very gentle mare, who passes on her kind, trainable nature to her foals. All her foals have excelled in Western disciplines, proving both their versatility and easy to train temperaments. She is one of our firm favourites, always being first to say hello in the field and search your pockets for food. Retired from breeding in 2019, Topsicana now spends her days quietly grazing with her friends and being spoilt rotten by us.

Her pedigree includes western performance horses like “Cruisin Comander”, “Tumbleweed Tophand” and “Beau Bonanza”.

By “Arabis Cruisin Pine” out of “Johnstur Topsicana”.


“HW Genuine Flybynite” (Elsa) (2018 Buckskin Filly) 

We waited 3 years for this little girl to come along. Homebred, out of Acorn and by Genuine Jay Rooster, she was a 3rd time lucky foal for us, following 2 buckskin colts. Her reining pedigree is superb and includes horses like Gallo Del Cielo, Docs Hickory, Peppy San Badger and Mr San Peppy. So far, she has shown that she is exceptionally trainable, she has exquisite movement and an absolutely fabulous personality with a wicked sense of humour and she also has the characteristic calm quarter horse temperament. If there’s someone who is going to be getting up to mischief, it’s likely to be Elsa! She has shown that she is exceptionally talented whilst in training with Sam Magdeleno over the winter of 2020/21 and she has now returned to Doghill to be put in foal and turned away for a couple of years to mature. We have very high hopes for Elsa, both in competition and as a broodmare.

By “Genuine Jay Rooster” out of “Acorn Flybynight”.


Our Non-AQHA Registered Mares (Producing part-bred quarter horses)


“Dazzling Polka” (Polka) (15.2hh Sorrel, part-bred quarter horse)

Despite only being an Appendix III part-bred, Polka looks more Quarter horse than some Quarter horses. By “Red Hot Profit” a registered Quarter Horse, out of a part-bred QH x paint mare, she produces phenomenal foals who are chunky, well built, sensible and able to do absolutely anything you ask. Polka is very sweet, gentle and kind and according to our farrier, if she were human she’d be the swot at the back of the class worrying about her homework being in on time!

By “Red Hot Profit” (AQHA QH) out of “Bobby Dazzler” she is registered as Appendix III with AQHA-UK.