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“Saith Black Pepper” (“Pepper”) 15.2hh (2009) Black Welsh Cob. 

Pepper is a registered Welsh Section D cob, who can quite literally turn his hoof to anything he’s asked and is a true “all round riding horse”.  Out of the very best Nebo and Derwen show lines, he has had success showing in Welsh cob classes, is a BSJA grade C show jumper who has had success at both Newcomers and Foxhunter, and just for good measure he can knock out a decent novice dressage test under BD rules and win.  As if that wasn’t enough, he is also Western trained and looks pretty impressive in a cowboy saddle when he’s reining!  He is the absolute poster boy for Welsh Cob versatility. We bought him from his breeder aged 2, who sold him with the comment “He’s a lovely boy, but may not amount to much!”. We beg to differ!

For those who follow the showing world, his sister, “Saith Magical Ginger” won Horse of the Year in 2014.

By “Wishaw Revelation” (Welsh Sec D cob) out of “Saith Magical Amber” (Welsh Sec D cob).

Pepper is currently out on loan with a friend.


“Alley Cat” (Mickey) 11.2hh (2009) Welsh Section A

Mickey joined us from “Perry RDA” based at the Cavalier Centre in Shropshire, in 2017. We were incredibly lucky to be able to acquire him, because ponies like him are the genuine unicorns of the world. (You can’t find them). A lead rein and first ridden pony who was bought for our daughter’s 3rd birthday, he has proved himself over and over as an incredible asset to our team.

His experience and training with riding for the disabled means that he is almost utterly bomb-proof – as far as any pony can be. As well as being a fabulous and willing riding pony, he regularly finds himself giving a lead to youngsters, acting as a travelling companion, or keeping babies company at weaning time.

He can be a bit of a “diva” because he knows his worth to us (and he knows he’s adored). To quote Huw “Maybe he’s born with it, or maybe it’s Neighbeline”. Regardless of what “it” is, he has it in spades!

By “Croniarth High Society” (Section A) out of “Frairs Secret Addition” (Section A)


“Peggy’s Jimmy Choo”  (Jimmy) 15.2hh (2017) American Quarter Horse.

Where do we even start with Jimmy? Jimmy is a home bred registered AQH, out of our favourite mare Acorn. Affectionately known as “Dim Jim” and “Athlete’s foot” (Because we can’t get rid of him), by the age of 6 months he was so notorious with our vet practice he was legendary and new vets joining the practice already knew of him, even before they met us! He’s very accident prone and has been left badly scarred on his legs following a serious accident in barbed wire as a foal. He’s the sort of horse, that if something is going to happen, it will definitely happen to Jim! He is definitely very “quirky”. He’s also very opinionated. (But we love him). We suspect that he is part hippo, as he loves mud. He’s the only horse we have ever met who can get mud deep inside his ears and up his nose!

Currently in training with Sam Magdeleno, he is retained as a future riding horse for Helen. Huw agreed he could stay at Doghill as a 10th wedding anniversary present! May as well stick with a theme!

By “Tinsel King” (AQHA) out of “Acorn Flybynight” (AQHA).


“EM Sunny Cruiser” (Sunny) 15.1hh (2001) American Quarter Horse.

“Sunny” joined us late in life as a Western Schoolmaster for Helen. A registered AQH, the history we have managed to track down for him has been very sparse. Unusually for a well trained American Quarter Horse in the UK, no-one seems to really know either of him or anything of his history other than very, very sketchy details. From what we have been able to piece together from his passport, he was foaled in the Netherlands, moved to Germany, came from there to the UK and from there, spent about 10 years in Portugal. He’s clearly well travelled and at some point was very well trained as he is a genuine Western school master who knows exactly what he’s being asked and how to do it.

We think he was gelded very late as he can’t be kept with mares due to his behaviour, and he’s also quite temperamental and very prone to throwing a tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way when he doesn’t want to do something. He’s generally a very biddable sort of chap (once you’ve established who is in charge), but certainly in no way a novice ride. We acquired him through an AQH dealer friend who needed him to go to a home who could cope with his “quirks”.

Sunny is now fully retired as he has arthritic hocks. His main job now is to keep Hobbit company. Given that the pair of them behave like an old married couple, sometimes it’s really like “Last of the Summer Wine” at Doghill!

By “BQ Peppy Lena” (AQHA) out of “Precious Firefly” (AQHA).