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We can’t live in Wales without a collection of Welshies! Introducing our Welsh boys…

“Saith Black Pepper” (“Pepper”) 15.2hh (2009) Black Welsh Section D Cob. 

Pepper is a registered Welsh Section D cob, who can quite literally turn his hoof to anything he’s asked and is a true “all round riding horse”.  Out of the very best Nebo and Derwen show lines, he has had success showing in Welsh cob classes, is a BSJA grade C show jumper who has had success at both Newcomers and Foxhunter, and just for good measure he can knock out a decent novice dressage test under BD rules and win.  As if that wasn’t enough, he is also Western trained and looks pretty impressive in a cowboy saddle when he’s reining!  He is the absolute poster boy for Welsh Cob versatility. We bought him from his breeder aged 2, who sold him with the comment “He’s a lovely boy, but may not amount to much!”. We beg to differ!

For those who follow the showing world, his sister, “Saith Magical Ginger” won Horse of the Year in 2014.

By “Wishaw Revelation” (Welsh Sec D cob) out of “Saith Magical Amber” (Welsh Sec D cob).



“Alley Cat” (Mickey) 11.2hh (2009) Welsh Section A

Mickey joined us from “Perry RDA” based at the Cavalier Centre in Shropshire, in 2017. We were incredibly lucky to be able to acquire him, because ponies like him are the genuine unicorns of the world. (You can’t find them). A lead rein and first ridden pony who was bought for our daughter’s 3rd birthday, he has proved himself over and over as an incredible asset to our team.

His experience and training with riding for the disabled means that he is almost utterly bomb-proof – as far as any pony can be. As well as being a fabulous and willing riding pony, he regularly finds himself giving a lead to youngsters, acting as a travelling companion, or keeping babies company at weaning time.

He can be a bit of a “diva” because he knows his worth to us (and he knows he’s adored). To quote Huw “Maybe he’s born with it, or maybe it’s Neighbeline”. Regardless of what “it” is, he has it in spades!

By “Croniarth High Society” (Section A) out of “Frairs Secret Addition” (Section A)


“Stoak Eros” (Eric) 12.2hh (2019) Welsh Section B.

We acquired Eric by accident via a friend. We had asked her to look for a quiet retired field companion for Hobbit and instead we ended up with a yearling Welsh Section B colt with bags of character who was totally unsuited to the job! Bought off the back of one photograph following a 3 line text (going against everything we advise people to do when buying a horse), we knew nothing about him other than he was Palomino, his dad had won the Royal Welsh show and he had been through the sale ring. He didn’t even have a stable name!

Eric is absolutely hilarious. As a colt, he insisted that he was going to “try it on” with the Quarter Horse mares (they weren’t impressed!) and as a gelding, he’s cheeky, funny, very biddable, shows off dreadfully and if he was human, would probably be Oscar Wilde.

We’re hoping to have lots of fun showing Eric in hand as he grows up.

By Royal Welsh winner “Stoak Tyrol” (Section B) out of “Bannut Tesni” (Section B)