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Stud Livery

Due to the unprecedented crisis of the Coronavirus, (Covid-19) and the massive impact it is having in the UK and around the world, we are remaining closed for the 2020 stud season and this year we will not be accepting any visiting mares at stud.  


However, we will have foals by Hobbit for sale out of our own mares in 2021.


Please note that we are currently unable to accommodate any visiting stallions.

We keep mares visiting our stallion either individually or in very small groups in well fenced, properly maintained fields. We accept mares from 1st March each year, however they are on either barn livery or full livery (depending on your preference) with daily turnout until 1st April when we are happy to accept 24/7 grass liveries.

This is both to help protect our stud paddocks from damage and manage mares and foals appropriately in any inclement weather. We aim to keep your mare here for the minimum time possible to keep your costs down.

Stud Livery packages

Grass Livery – 24 hour turnout

Mares are kept in small compatible groups or pairs, unless they have a foal, when they are then kept on their own within sight of other horses.

Mare £7.50/day.

Mare and Foal £9.50/day.

Barn Livery – Daily turnout

Mares are kept in our loose housing barn on straw, in small compatible groups with ad-lib haylage and hard feed if needed. Mares and foals are kept in individual pens within the barn and within sight of the other horses. They are turned out daily, either in our dry area or in the field, depending on ground conditions.

Mare £13/day

Mare and Foal £16/day.

Full Livery – Daily turnout

Mares are kept individually stabled on rubber matting and straw or shavings (depending on requirements) with ad-lib haylage and hard feed if needed. They are turned out daily either in our dry area or in the field, depending on ground conditions. Rug changes and grooming is included.

Mare £18/day

Mare and Foal £20/day.


We are able to accommodate a very limited number of mares for foaling and priority is given to mares who have either been covered at the stud previously or are due to be covered by our stallion after foaling. Ideally, mares should arrive at the stud no less than 4 weeks before foaling and will be kept on full livery with individual turnout.

Your mare and foal will be checked at birth by our vet and the foal given a tetnus antitoxin and routine antibiotics.  An IGG test will also be done on the foal to ensure they have had adequate colostrum. This is included in the foaling fee.

Mare for foaling – full livery £18/day.

Foaling Fee £350.

Fees after foaling – as above.


Livery charges and services are inclusive of VAT and subject to change.